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G Suite.

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G Suite is a suite of collaborative productivity apps that offers your business professional email, shared calendars, online document editing and storage, video meetings, and much more. 

G Suite are applications that work together and are designed to tear down SILOS.

Just as management gurus and overpaid consultants have been telling anyone who’ll listen for at least a couple of decades now, SILOS are bad. On an individual level, silos make everyone less efficient and less productive; on a departmental level, silos create duplication of effort and endless turf wars; on a company level, silos inhibit growth and innovation.


  • Make it easy for individuals to access their software and documents no matter where they are or what type of device they’re using.
  • Make it easy for people on the same team or in the same department to collaborate with each other.
  • Make it easy for people on different teams or in different departments to share information with each other.


  • G Suite apps aren’t installed on your computer:  Instead, they live online so you can access them from any location that has Internet access, using any type of device that you have in hand.
  • G Suite apps are built with collaboration in mind. For example, two or more people can work on the same document at the same time. G Suite also enables you to easily email, meet, and chat with members of your team or department.
  • G Suite documents aren’t stored on your computer. Instead, all G Suite data and documents reside in the cloud


  • Gmail:  Send and receive email messages. 

  • Calendar:  Maintain an online schedule of appointments and other events. 

  • Contacts:  Create and maintain an online address book.

  • Docs:  Create, edit, and collaborate on word processing documents. 

  • Sheets:  Create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets.

  • Slides:  Create, edit, and collaborate on presentations. 

  • Meet: Set up and join online meetings. You can invite and share resources to a meeting.

  • Chat:  Exchange real-time messages with members of your team, department, or organization.

  • Groups:  Join and create groups for posting messages, sharing files, and more.

  • Forms:  Create forms, quizzes, and surveys to gather information and opinions from members of your team, department, or organization.

  • Keep:  Create, edit, and share notes.

  • Drive:  Store, manage, and share files online.