Uninterrupted business operations bundled with fast speeds to every customer is our main concern. We have implemented redundant links on our internet backbone to multiple Tier1 Providers around the globe as well as our MPLS network around the country

We have blended several and approved security technology tools in our hosting platforms, creating the most secure hosting infrastructure and ensuring safety of every hosted content.

Through partnership with several IT security firms, we provide Next-Generation Network protection as well as Next-Generation Endpoint protection; which protects you from ransomware, viruses, spamming, network attacks.

Business continuity is key in the event of any disaster. Through our secure cloud Data Backup Solutions, we automatically sync your on premise data with our cloud services, accessible from anywhere, anytime via a secure portal or mobile app

We provide “more than internet” by ensuring your internal network(LAN) adheres to set network standards, its secure and your users are equipped with the right resources on the use of internet

More Than Internet

Most Stable Internet Access

Corporate ISP Provider 2011 -2017 KenyaICT Excellence Partner

MYISP ia a licensed Network Facilities Provided by the Communication Authority of Kenya, founded in 2005 with a prime objective to be the best corporate ISP in Kenya

Connecting Branches

The best MYISP wireless, secure and dedicated internet

MYISP offers services that connect all your offices, Branches and team on a secure dedicated Private network

What We Do?

Experience the MYISP
Dedicated Bandwidth

MYISP offers Wireless secure dedicated internet to virtually anywhere in Kenya with fast deployment time. DEDICATED Internet is what we need for business connectivity, these bandwidth speeds are consistent in both directions, and the network is available 24 hours a day with no slow-down during peak times.

Office Internet
Internet Connection All The Time
Transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
MYISP has an array of hosting services
Domain Registration
At MyISP we are domain registrars that afford you an easy and convenient way to register web domains

Your office connection will be better

We at MYISP, provides solutions and packages suited to clients tailored needs to ascertain that they have all the functionality and space to ensure that Internet is available and data is stored safely

As a customer you can easily monitor your bandwidth utilization in real time, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly from anywhere, anytime.



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Our Domain Packages


My Bronze

ksh 6960 /year
  • One Domain
  • Disk quota 5GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Account
  • Unlimited Database Accounts
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My Silver

ksh 10440 /year
  • One Domain
  • Disk quota 10GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Account
  • Unlimited Database Accounts

My Gold

ksh 15080 /year
  • One Domain
  • Disk quota 20GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Account
  • Unlimited Database Accounts

Kenya's Leading Corporate Internet Service Provider

Over the years MYISP has earned a reputation for fast and stable internet services. We are proud to have been recognized and awarded by the computer society of Kenya as the;
'Fast growing and most innovative ISP of the year; 2007, 2008, 2009'
Corporate ISP Provider of the year
2010, 2011,2012,2013,2014, and 2016
Internet Service Provider of the year 2018
MyISP is a Kenyan Full Service ISP company, specializing in Wireless and Fiber Internet access and private networking solutions

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    Cisco 891 Integrated Services Router
    Cisco® 890 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) combine...
    Cisco CP-7841-K9
    Cisco CP-7841-K9= 7800 Series Voip Phone (Power...
    Easenet CAT 6 UTP Ethernet Cable-305M
    Category 6 Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable- Semi...
    D-Link DSS Key
    D-Link DSS Key Expansion Module for DPH-400SE/150SE...
    Cat 6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable Easenet
     Specifications The Category 6a  cable is Shielded...
    My Bronze
    One Domain Disk quota 5GB Unlimited Bandwidth...
    Fanvil X2 Call Center IP Phone
    Fanvil X2 Call Center IP Phone Fanvil...
    Cisco CP-8945-K9

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