Google Workspace

MyISP is a proud partner of Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). Google Workspace offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools to enhance your business operations. Here are some key components of Google Workspace:

Gmail: Enjoy an email service with customizable domain names.
Google Drive: Secure cloud storage for documents, files, and collaboration.
Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools.
Google Calendar: Efficient calendar application for scheduling and time management.
Google Meet: Seamless video conferencing and communication tool.
Google Forms: Create surveys and forms effortlessly.
Google Sites: Build and publish websites with ease.
Google Chat: Messaging and collaboration made simple.
Google Hangouts: Instant messaging and video chat service.
Google Keep: Take notes and stay organized.

As our valued customer, you now have the opportunity to sign up for Google Workspace directly through MyISP. Our partnership with Google ensures that you not only have access to these powerful tools but also benefit from additional support and integration services tailored to your needs.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Google Workspace offerings through MyISP, please contact our dedicated customer support or visit our website. We are here to make your transition to Google Workspace a seamless and productive experience.


Quickly bring your best ideas to life with Duet AI in Workspace

Duet AI is a powerful collaborator that can act as a coach, thought partner, source of inspiration, and productivity booster — all while ensuring every user and organization has control over their data.

Google Mail/Vault

Increase sales productivity

Duet AI generates sales materials and content to progress sales opportunities and accelerate revenue growth

Create content quickly

Duet AI makes marketers more efficient by generating campaign briefs, project plans, and presentations

Provide better service

Duet AI reduces response times by quickly generating responses to customer questions and complaints

Yahoo!have or plan to increase their storage capacity in response to the competitive pressure of Gmail).At MyISPwe have partnered with Google to assist you in every step of the way. Google Apps Vault is an add-on for Google Apps that lets you retain, archive, search, and export your organization’s email and chat messages for your eDiscovery and compliance needs. You can also search and export your organization’s files in Google Drive. Vault is entirely web-based, so there’s no need to install or maintain any software

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MDaemon Messaging Server, email server software for Windows, is a trusted alternative to Microsoft Exchange. MDaemon mail server supports IMAP, SMTP, POP3, and ActiveSync protocols and delivers solid performance from its feature-rich and user-
friendly design.At MyISP we have solidified our partnership to allow the full value for the service.
World Client (Web-Based Email) MDaemon Remote Administration World Client Instant Messenger Microsoft Outlook Integration (Outlook Connector) We’re excited to announce the release of MDaemon 15. New features include IPv6 support, an improved user interface (UI), improved Account Hijack Detection, email encryption for World Client users dynamic screening improvements, and more. Managed security

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Duet AI is your thought partner, source of inspiration, and productivity booster. Duet AI can:

  • Draft and refine emails in Gmail - even on the go

  • Generate plans for any project in Sheets

  • Create original images from text, right within Slides

  • Write and refine document drafts in Docs

  • Foster more meaningful connections in Meet